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I’m here to help you deal with the stress and to become successful in showing up for those you serve

If you’re an RN or healthcare professional, I’m here to help you get the support that you need in dealing with the stress of your profession. Because I’ve spent so much time at the bedside, I know how difficult it can be to show up to work everyday, present, aware, and compassionate.

What People Are Saying About Jerome’s Class:

I was excited to take this class and every expectation I had was met! For this being my first meditation experience, I felt very comfortable and welcome! I look forward to taking another one of Jerome’s classes! – R.A., RN, University of Colorado

Jerome has a deep knowledge and understanding of mindfulness practices as evidenced in his presentation. He brings humility and compassion to his delivery of the materials. His passion is infectious! – Brenda Fister, RN, BSN, Certified Health Coach

Thank you Jerome for the space to learn meditation concepts, to share with like minded healers. I am humbled by this community. Thank you for teaching tools to help me “be” with myself and others. What a gift! – Chris Hazelton, RN-BC, OHN, MA, Occupational Health and Wellness, University of Colorado

Jerome Stone’s obvious experience and compassion are evident in his laid back yet informative teaching styles! Thank you for your incredible work! – W.D., RN, Denver Health

I’ve meditated and practiced yoga since my early 20’s (25+ years ago). And I have found a deeper well of mindfulness through this class. I think all persons in healthcare (or any healing profession) would benefit from this experience. I will be bringing this forward to the team of nurses, doctors, RTs, CNAs, etc. that I work with every day. I do believe that we can change the world for the better and this has given me tools in which to do so. – Sarah Abbott, RN, BSN, St. Anthony Hospital, Exempla Healthcare, Centura Health

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