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~ 17.5 percent of newly-licensed RNs leave their first nursing job within the first year and 33.5% leave within two yearsmy services can help to fix this.
~ Costs of RN turnover can be as much as $6.4 million for a large hospital…let me help you lower these costs.
~ Research findings show that mindfulness-training is a low cost, feasible intervention with a positive impact on health and well-being of staff…let me teach your staff mindfulness and situational awareness.
~ Job related stress hurts your bottom line…my services relieves that stress.
~ In one study, medication error frequency declined by 50% after prevention activities were implemented. In a second study, there was a 70% reduction in malpractice claims in 22 hospitals that implemented stress prevention activities. There was NO reduction in claims in a matched group of 22 hospitals that DID NOT implement stress prevention activities. (Journal of Applied Psychology)


My 33 years of experience in healthcare, extensive training in meditation and situational awareness, and firm commitment to making your program successful insures that when you work with me, you’ll see measurable results based on your organization’s unique and specific needs. That’s because I won’t stop working with you and your employees until you’ve got results!


The following are potential topics that I can present to your organization.


  • Situational Awareness in the Workplace. This presentation teaches its participants to use mindfulness and situational awareness as a means to greater awareness within the work environment. Its aims are to reduce workplace errors, increase patient satisfaction, and increase worker retention through enhanced engagement in the workplace.
  • Stress Reduction in the New Graduate Nursing Population. This presentation, designed specifically for newly graduated nurses, addresses how to utilize meditative and situational awareness, and mindfulness as a means to decrease the stress of a new work situation.
  • Minding the Bedside: Meditative Awareness and Compassion in Healthcare. This workshop, presented to nursing students, nurses, faculty and allied healthcare professionals, focuses on how to use mindfulness, meditative awareness, and compassion at the bedside as a way to show up for fully for patients as well as a method for combating burnout and professional fatigue.
  • Men In Nursing, Where We Are and Where We’ve Been. This talk focuses on how men-in-nursing can utilize their inherent strengths to complement those of their predominantly female counterparts.
  • Practicing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind. This presentation focuses on how to compassionately address challenges that are encountered in administering and managing healthcare services.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Psychiatric Clinical Care. This presentation offers participants a way of using mindfulness techniques when working with those who are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders.
  • Teaching Compassionate Loving Intention to Couples Facing Cancer. This workshop offers participants a method for using a compassionate practice as self-care for those caring for partners who have cancer.
  • Compassion in Action: Bringing the Heart into Diagnosis. This presentation discusses how to use compassion when presenting a new diagnosis of cancer to patients.
  • Prayer and Distant-Healing: What Research and Science Have to Say. Citing contemporary research into prayer and healing, this presentation offers a lively discussion and debate into the pros and cons of conducting on subjects that lie outside of typical research subjects.
  • Integrative Medicine For Pain. This presentation offers methods in complementary and alternative medicine for the relief of acute and chronic pain.


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