Work-Related Stress is On the Rise

You already know that many studies have shown that work-related stress is on the rise and that “stress epidemic” is hurting corporate productivity and the lives of those who work within stressful environments. You also may know that mindfulness programs as well as situational awareness training can dramatically decrease this trend and contribute to the overall wellness and productivity of your employees.

Here are the facts:


~  The 2012 Workplace Survey released by the American Psychological Association suggests that many Americans report chronic work-related stress. 41% said they “feel tense or stressed out during the workday,” an uptick from last year’s 35% figure.
~  The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion dollars a year.
~  Medical research suggests that up to 90 percent of all illness and disease is stress-related, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
~  Evidence shows chronic stress can lower immunity and make people more susceptible to infections.
Stress-reduction strategies, such as meditation, relaxation, and exercise, have been shown to help reverse this effect (by increasing the number of infection-fighting T cells and feel-good chemicals called endorphins in the body, for example) and prevent disease.


Here’s the solution:

I offer complementary lunch-time brown-bag talks on stress-management and situational awareness, weekly classes in stress management designed and tailored to your employees, weekend intensive mindfulness and situational awareness training for executives, and ongoing in-house employee stress management classes.

My experience and commitment to you are what matters.


My 33 years of experience in healthcare, extensive training in meditation and situational awareness, and firm commitment to making your program successful insures that when you work with me, you’ll see measurable results based on your organization’s unique and specific needs. That’s because I won’t stop working with you and your employees until you’ve got results!


Educational topics:

The following list is an example of the topics that I present on a regular basis to corporations and small businesses. They represent potential topics that I can address to your employees.

  • Situational Awareness as an antidote to work-related injuries.
  • Mindfulness for stress-management in the workplace.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in the Workplace. This presentation was offered to the employees at Standard Insurance as part of their brown-bag lunch series on health and wellness. During this presentation participants were offered basic methods in mindfulness based stress reduction, aimed at helping them to deal with work-related stress in positive, health-promoting ways. (September, 2005. Standard Insurance, Portland, ME)
  • Strategies for Injection Anxiety in Multiple Sclerosis Patients. During this event, I presented the results of research that I had done, teaching MS patients how to self-inject medications and deal with needle-phobia and injection anxiety. (February 20, 2004. Biogen-Idec Meeting, Miami, FL)
  • Effects of Compassionate, Loving Intention as Therapeutic Intervention by Partners of Cancer Patients. At this conference, I was part of the research team who presented the results of a study that I was the co-Principal Investigator on, whose research I had co-authored. (May 21, 2004. Compassionate Love Research Conference, Washington, DC)
  • The Mythconception of Pain: Why We Need Mythic Images in Medicine. At this monthly meeting of the University of California’s Pain Interest Group, I presented a slide-show on the use of images and story-telling in cultural attitudes towards pain. (May, 2000. UCSF – Pain Interest Group, San Francisco, CA)

Contact me to set up a meeting time and let’s explore how I can tailor and customize a class or classes to support you and your organization.


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