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17.5% Of Newly Licensed RN's

Leave Their First Nursing Job

In the First Year of Employment.

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A Worldwide Epidemic of Stress in Nursing!

A Worldwide Epidemic of Stress in Nursing As an RN, I’ve worked in many environments that I would describe as “stressful.” Why were they stressful? Because there was an abundance of stressors. People often confuse the words around stress, maybe because they’re so stressed out?! Before we can learn how to handle stress in our…


Meditation and Compassion for Nurses

Science Proves that Meditation Works! You’ve probably read it before, either on this site or somewhere else, that meditation can foster compassion (there’s even scientific evidence proving this!). And, we know through scientific research that meditation works to effect changes in the brain as well. So, through meditation, learning to know one’s mind and know…