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17.5% Of Newly Licensed RN's

Leave Their First Nursing Job

In the First Year of Employment.

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Pain Management in Five Easy Pieces

How comfortable are you with pain? Does it depend on whether it’s your own pain or someone else’s? Would you like to find comfort in pain…or at least in pain management?

For many of us, pain is something to be avoided, whether it’s our own pain or the pain of another. When confronted with this most daunting physical experience, we’d rather turn and run…or at least walk quickly, in the other direction.


Is it Really Compassion Fatigue, Or is it Just Nurse Burnout?

Are you a nurse? Are you compassionate? Do you feel fatigued? Could it be…compassion fatigue? (Is there really such a condition?)

There’s a lot of talk in nursing, in healthcare and in the literature about “compassion fatigue.” When I searched Google® for the keywords “compassion fatigue in nurses ” I came up with 168,000 links…168,000! Seriously?!

You’d think that we’re all suffering from this syndrome, which can’t be possible…or, is it?!


Have You Had it with Work Stress?

Previously I’ve written that, Seeing My Nursing Peers Stressed Makes Me Weep! Well, it does! I love nursing and I love nurses! I’m proud to be a nurse and am heartbroken to see so many of my peers stressed beyond belief. So, I’m here to tell you how to stop being stressed, now. There’s no more time for excuses. Read on…