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Why Do You Get Stressed? (hint: It’s How You Think!)

In the first part of this series, Is Nursing All About Stress?, we looked at the definitions of stress, stressor, emotions and feelings. We also looked at some of the statistics on the causes of stress in nursing, the negative effects on the body and mind and how emotional and mental reactivity to stressors and stress can perpetuate the stress that we experience.

In the second part of the series, we’ll look at why we become stressed and begin to explore ways to stop our habit of “stressing out.”


Is Nursing All About Stress?

As nurses, we know the meaning of stress. In fact, we may know its meaning more intimately than most of our peers who work in other professions. This is partially because we’ve seen the devastating effects that chronic stress has on the bodies of our patients. It’s also because nursing is reported to be one of the most stressful professions. Why is it that when we enter into discussions on how to decrease stress in nursing, we usually point to changing things external to ourselves and that when we try to change how we deal with stress, we usually end up stressing out about that too?


Pain Management in Five Easy Pieces

How comfortable are you with pain? Does it depend on whether it’s your own pain or someone else’s? Would you like to find comfort in pain…or at least in pain management?

For many of us, pain is something to be avoided, whether it’s our own pain or the pain of another. When confronted with this most daunting physical experience, we’d rather turn and run…or at least walk quickly, in the other direction.